The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog in Bauhaus style

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If you are a designer, I know you’ve probably fallen in love with Bauhaus design once or twice in your lifetime. I did these design exercises when I was an undergraduate student back in 2002.

I picked every designer’s favorite phrase and used simple shapes and lines, two colors and four typefaces (Garamond, Century Gothic, Futura, and Univers) to compose the layouts in the 7 × 7 inch format. I was only able to find these 7 layouts shown here in my old design archive CDs, but I remember doing many of them at the time and kept a stash of printouts for a while (I should’ve kept more of them). I am such a pack rat, still keeping my old student work in my closet, but I am actually glad that I kept them. It’s a great way for me to reflect on my old days when I was a design student. It gives me such perspective, which helps me understand myself and realize how far I’ve come since.


bauhaus_design_01 bauhaus_design_02 bauhaus_design_03 bauhaus_design_04 bauhaus_design_05 bauhaus_design_06 bauhaus_design_07