Fat Seal Subs & Pizza

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Here are more sketches I did in 2003. This was a quick exercise on how one might be able to improve the “look and feel” of an existing local business up in northern Maine, so that it could compete better and attract more customers. The company I got to rebrand was called Ward Boys Subs & Pizza (I think it was new back then, but I am not sure if they are still in business…). I was given a randomly picked word “seal” and I used that word to come up with a branding solution for Ward Boys Subs & Pizza.

The sub shop owner was a big guy. His waist was literally the size of one of the little round tables you see at their restaurant, so I thought the owner should take advantage of his appearance, changing the name of the business to Fat Seal Subs & Pizza and offering menus like Fat Seal sub, pizza, salad, and so on. Why not even create a big Fat Seal sculpture which would become a tourist attraction? Something that would be memorable. Something that people would talk about.

I know the solution I came up with sounds silly, but it’s important not to ignore a stupid idea when you are brainstorming because it might lead to the perfect solution to a problem you are trying to solve. Even though it was just an exercise, I wish I had sketched out a Fat Seal logo for the business.