FAZE:00 rough sketches

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Last week I came across my old sketch books when I was decluttering a load of stuff in some boxes I have been carrying around forever and as I was flipping through, I found rough/conceptual sketches for FAZE:00.

Although there are always a few exceptions to the way I begin any design project, I never jump on the computer to start a project without making sketches. To me it’s a necessary step as a designer. In the beginning I make as many sketches as I can to conceptualize and visualize what’s on my mind. My sketches don’t even have to look like that of Leonardo da Vinci. As long as I have one or two good and complete sketches in the end, I can assure myself that a project is half way done, and the outcome will be close to the way I envisioned. In fact I place more weight on the sketches than the research because it’s by far dependable for me to work with.




Also I love the fact that something ambiguous/abstract slowly shapes up to become something more tangible as I sketch. And I enjoy how the whole process feels like interacting with my mind through my hand, informing back and forth to each other. It’s one of those things that give me the joy of creating. On top of it, others can see my thought process and can simply understand how I arrived at certain solutions when they look at the sketches. There is no question about it.




Well, although I enjoyed flipping through my old sketch books from over 10 years ago and had a few thoughts on it, I still can’t decide if I should keep them or not. Decluttering was what I wanted to do!