Forgotten Bits

design tbt



Here is a bitmap font that I never finished. According to the information on the AI 10 file, it is dated back to the 30th of December, 2003. I am not sure if I wanted to design upper case and the rest, but it’s lower case only. I didn’t even bother naming the font at that time. I was curious to see what it would look like to set text in this bitmap font when I stumbled upon the design so I did some production work to give life to it.




And here it is! It’s kinda cute and fun to play with, and I named it Forgotten Bits because it seemed like some bits and pieces that had long been forgotten and hidden in my drawers. It has potential, but I am not going to complete the design. Some things are better left unfinished and with the rough edge of the past.




But it’s certainly fun to dig out my unfinished projects and give them chance to shine.