What time is it? It’s showtime!




Big Models LA presents: Way Too Beyond: Big Sats’ Top 30

Big Models LA showcases the recent poster work of Satoru Nihei and celebrates the US release of his book Mythical Odyssey. The show also marks as an inaugural opening of Big Models LA!


shake-it-up_700PX you-look-pimped-out_700PX sweet-as-fuck_700PX at-your-finger-tips_700PX yeah-you-blend_700PX Mythical_Odyssey_book_01_1000px Mythical_Odyssey_book_15_1000px Mythical_Odyssey_book_16_1000px

Come party with us!

Way Too Beyond: Big Sats’ Top 30
May 12–14

Big Models LA
300 S Anderson
Los Angeles CA 90033