My story

Satoru Nihei is a graphic designer born and raised in Fukushima, Japan.

As a youth, Satoru loved drawing and building plastic models. When Satoru was around five or six, he was consumed with ambitious dreams for his life. He still remembers telling his parents that he would go to Harvard University and become the President of the United States of America. Apparently becoming the Prime Minister of Japan was not good enough and to this day, Satoru’s parents still laugh about it.

Satoru was one of those kids who never did homework. He never wanting to study and preferred Nintendo games day in day out. Playing soccer occasionally got him outside. Consequently, Satoru failed to pass the entrance exam to high school. A year later he was admitted into a high school he did not want to attend and dropped out at 16 and moved to Tokyo where he lived for seven years before moving to the United States

The first job Satoru had in Tokyo was working at a small family-owned soba restaurant where he learned one of the basic survival skills in life — cooking. Satoru might have pursued a career as a chef, if he had not been fascinated by the idea of becoming an artist.

Because of limited text demands, Satoru’s life experiences in Maine and Michigan and how he became a designer have been edited out. (sorry) The rest is the dull stuff below.

The design work of Satoru Nihei has been published internationally in books, magazines and design annuals such as Tokyo Type Directors Club Design Annual, METROPOLIS, Graphic Design: The New Basics, Playful Type 2, Papercraft 2: Design and Art With Paper and among others.

In 2010 his work and interview were published in Font Family: Get Familiar with Fonts! along with Stefan Sagmeister and Rick Valicenti. His work has also been included nationally and internationally in shows and exhibitions. Most recently three of his posters were selected for the final exhibition of the Golden Bee 12 / Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design.

Despite the fact that Satoru was a high school dropout, he received his AA in painting from Mushashino Art University, BFA in graphic design from Maine College of Art and MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art.

In a once-in-a-lifetime experience Satoru was bitten on his leg and foot by a pitbull. Satoru loves cats, spicy food, and really misses Tokyo. Some day Satoru wants to check out the beautiful beaches in Croatia.